Lisa Maxine Kjernisted is a self-taught artist whose insatiable curiousity has led her in diverse directions. She adores traditional photography for its ability to capture the vital essence of realism & has steadily built a portfolio of compelling work, inspired by the late Linda McCartney & Jim Marshall.

The fusion of traditional & digital processes define Lisa’s unique style. Guided by principles of Zen, Lisa believes in the power of one to affect change through vision, intent & releasing to the Super Unknown. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music & Art Education, as well as a Master’s degree in Art Education from the University of Victoria, BC, CANADA.

Lisa is also readily transformed into a digital painter when graphic design, conceptual, impressionistic or surrealistic work ignite her visual fancy. She has a wealth of experience to offer clients searching for captivating imagery & has also enjoyed the challenge of printmaking, utilizing archival inks & papers to create lasting fine art prints.

Residing on a lovely little Peninsula, a place she deems Paradise, Lisa co-exists happily with cherished loved ones. When not working on photography, she may be found teaching Music or producing soulful bluesy rock as Ms.Maxine. Find her debut album on streaming platforms.

There seems barely enough time to accomplish the ambitious plans of this artist-mother-lover-teacher however balance amid chaos is sought with the motto: Seize the day & spread the love...one step at a time! Only possibilities exist in Lisa's mind. Feel free to email her at: fusionfotos@hotmail.com with any inquiries you may have regarding artistic, musical &/or design collaborations or commissions. She welcomes creative ideas & problems to solve!